Force India: Out of the comfort zone

In Monaco, Force India was able to keep up with the very big ones and with rank three a very strong result, but in Montreal the team probably has to bake smaller buns again. For Nico Hullkenberg and Sergio Perez, maximum is probably seven, because Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari are a long way ahead. And with that six seats are already gone,”says Hullkenberg.

The Emmericher today with 1109 seconds left the ninth rank, teammate Sergio Perez came to the twelve ranks. We learned the usual stuff on Friday. We have enough data to analyze,”explains the German”nice and good. But with Force India, the demands have increased as if you are satisfied only with a good and easy Friday.

Meanwhile, the Williams team has been targeted, blocking rank four in the Construction World Championship. Valtteri Bottas was faster today, but you can’t learn that from Force India.” Williams is a very good team, and it’s not gonna be easy for us, but that’s our goal. We will not give up,”explains co-team leader Robert Fernley in a combative manner. However, Montreal may find it quite difficult, because the power ratios are different from what was previously desired.

Comfortable was yesterday

“We have good potential, but it is narrower than thought. I thought we could get to the top ten more or less comfortably, but that is not the case,”says Sergio Perez and notes:”We need a perfect qualifying to make it in Q3.”Because while you are aiming for Williams yourself, you are pushing Toro Rosso and also McLaren from behind. Especially the team around Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso becomes more and more dangerous after a moderate start.

“Every weekend they bring something –also here. It seems to work for them, and I have them on the bill for the rest of the year,”Hullkenberg is not surprised that there is another McLaren ahead of him in Canada. His teammate Perez, on the other hand, “I am surprised that they are fast on such a track. But they were also fast in Bahrain. We’ll see where they are tomorrow. If they have taken a step, it will show up.”

Problem could be that in Montreal for Force India, because the team from Silverstone has almost reached the optimum, according to Perez:”I am a little worried because the car has a good balance,”says the Mexican. But isn’t that actually a good thing?” Usually on Friday you feel that there is still something to be done, but we can’t make many adjustments anymore,”explains”Checo”.

The great unknown

Maybe the rain throws it all together again.” You have to keep in mind that it could get colder and rain on Sunday,”Hullkenberg has on the bill. Possibly some teams will be playing poker tomorrow and bet on a rain setup, which Perez thinks is a risk: “If you focus too much on the rain, then you take a detour to the car and sacrifice your qualification,” he thinks. Maybe someone does that.”

Force India is basically often good for surprises. Again and again, the small private team conjures up a little magic and stumbles into regions where one does not really belong. However, Fernley does not want to let this statement stand: “I do not think we are scoring over our relationships. We work where the team is,”he says. Resources have been built up and Vijay (Mallya, team leader; Amen. d. Red.) has invested massively in the team.”

“We are moving forward as a team,”says the Brit. Maybe we’re a little understaffed with the staff, but we’re doing a good job. Monaco was a great result, but we are currently having strange races with Monaco, Montreal and Baku. Until we get to the standard routes, an estimate is not fair.”