Formula 1 and Olympia: Is this feasible?

Last night the women’s soccer players opened the Olympic tournament in Rio de Janeiro. Officially, the games won’t be opened until tomorrow with the traditional ceremony, and formula 1 is out these days as usual.

Motorsport is not one of the 28 sports in which athletes compete until August 21st, even if many dream of it, Once to be part of the Olympic family.

Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone had once encouraged a race at the Olympic Games a few years ago, which would of course be a highlight compared to the other races. Later he wanted to at least implement the idea of the medallion mirror for the royal class and thus make the driver the world champion who has won the most, because gold medals count more than silver and bronze.

Neither has been implemented so far, but at least the drivers could imagine, to start at Olympia. That wouldn’t be a bad idea. “Why not?” says Haas-Pilot Esteban Gutierrez, and Renaults Kevin Magnussen would not mind another race during the summer break.” I like medals,”smiles Daniel Ricciardo and would also be in favour. There would be no points, but a big prize money, right?”he asks.

The human factor must remain predominant

The problem is, however, that motor sports will definitely not be included in the program in the foreseeable future. For the current games it has managed golf and 7er-Rugby, at the games 2020 in Tokyo karate, skateboarding, sports climbing and surfing will debut, but no motor sports. Early 2024 could therefore experience an Olympic race, but that seems unlikely.

The then IOC President Jacques Rogge had already denied sport to 2002, because the “human factor must be predominant” in Formula One, however, it mainly depends on the car. We might have to build the same car for all 22-drivers, where tyres and everything else are identical,”Daniil Kvyat throws in. This could be interesting, such as a World Final,”said the Russian.

Ferrari pilot Sebastian Vettel had recently expressed his opposition to an Olympic reception, because formula 1 and Olympic spirit cannot be reconciled, and teammate Kimi Vrikkunen is also skeptical. There are always ideas, and we have to see what will happen in the future, but it is unlikely that it will come.”