Fox Berlin storming into the semi-finals of the Club-WM

The Berlin foxes have entered the semi-finals at the unofficial Handball Club in Doha.

The team of trainer Velimir Petkovic clearly fought 33:25 (19:11) in the quarter finals against Brazilian outsider Sports Club Taubate. In the semi-finals, the foxes meet either the host Al Sadd or the Oceania representative Sydney University.

In the Super Globe finals on Friday, champions FC Barcelona or Champions League winner Montpellier HB could wait. The Berliners, as the only German team in Qatar, are fighting for prestige and a prize money equal to 400.000 Euro.

Sport Club Taubate/Brazil – Fox Berlin 25:33 (11:19)
Gama (4), Perrela (4), Lobato (3/2), Santos (3), Silva (2/2), Borges (2), Andrade (1), Quost (1), Teixeira (1), Oliveira (1), Canete (1), Candido (1), Soares (1) for Taubate – Reissky (5), Marsenic (5), Wiede (4), Simak (4/1), Schmidt (4), Zakrisson (3), Elisson (3), Holm (1), Struck (1), Gojun (1), Lindberg (1), Jallouz (1) for Berlin

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