Gensheimer calls Handballer to pay

National Team Captain Uwe Gensheimer calls his colleagues from the Handball Bundesliga to a pay ban because of the ongoing Corona crisis.

“Every player knows that money is missing, and we must all contribute a part to the survival of the Bundesliga. I don’t like to give up my salary, but if we want to have another employer 2021, we have to help now”, According to Gensheimer, the 34-year-old left-winger of the Rhine-Neckar Lions told the news magazine “Focus”.

On the second table from Mannheim, open discussions with management about the economic situation of the association would be conducted. All lion players would therefore know about the remaining funds of sponsors.

The Bundesliga is marked by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which has forced most of the previous season’s games to be played before empty ranks, millions of losses.

“We cannot refuse, because we still have to manage the crisis,”said HBL Managing Director Frank Bohmann of the German Press Agency. It’s a ride on the razor blade.”

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