Gensheimer’s crisis hurts Germany

Captain in crisis: Uwe Gensheimer has played a weak EM so far. Even against Spain, the leader remained far below his means.

Uwe Gensheimer sat like a pile of misery in the catacombs of the Arena spectrum. The captain of the German handballers buried his head in both hands and was reluctant to look up.

The unexpectedly clear 26:33-slap against Spain put Gensheimer on the spot, again the leader could not give decisive impetus to the German game.

“Spain was better in every position”, the left-winger stated with a sober note: “There is nothing written off now, but we must quickly get our heads up again in order to show better performance in the next games.”

Uwe Gensheimer so far completely out of shape

Gensheimer spoke of the whole team – and above all he meant himself. The EM is so far not his tournament at all.

After the Red Card to start against the Netherlands, he crushed against Spain after a pale first half the complete second half on the bench, While EM debut Patrick Zieker did not make it better on the left.

“From the point of view of the exploitation of opportunities Uwe is not playing optimally at the moment,” said Federal trainer Christian Prokop.

The coach has also not escaped that Gensheimer is acting unhappy at this EM so far. As in the first game, the 33-year-old also awarded two seven meters on Saturday.

His abilities are undisputed, but for some reason Gensheimer is currently lacking in ease in the national team.

“I don’t think Uwe is overworked”

“I don’t think Uwe is overworked. But he personally puts a lot of pressure on himself because he wants to advance successfully for the team,”Prokop said:”Uwe is a world-class player. He can play great handball. There is not a long postcard, but a look at the next game.”

Gensheimer himself also looked forward. We have to get up again,”he said. Its full concentration applies to the final group match against Latvia on Monday (18:15 o’clock).

Only a victory against the newcomer guarantees the achievement of the main round.” There were also defeats in other tournaments in the preliminaries,”Gensheimer said in a combative manner.

For the star of the Rhine-Neckar lions, the EM in Norway goes, Austria and Sweden in order to win their last great sporting goal –finally a title with the national team.

Gensheimer does not want to resign as “Uwe, the incomplete”.

Does he still trust the team to jump into the semi-finals? “What are you doing?” Of course,”said Gensheimer. A gentle smile shone over his face.

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