Gentner: “Didn’t get their asses handed to them unjustly”

After the important 2:0 victory at 1. FC Nuremberg is greatly facilitated by VfB Stuttgart. Captain Christian Gentner is also glad that the “get-fucked-up” is finally over.

Christian Gentner, what is it like to finally win again?

Christian Gentner (Captain VfB Stuttgart): Surely some relief. Before the game we remembered how this was against Bremen (Note: victory at 29. September) felt that most of us also had a winning streak in the back round. We have remembered the feeling of the positive mood and energy that is spreading after such a game, and we are very, very glad that we were able to experience this again.

What thoughts did they have in this game after the defeats of the past weeks?

Technically and also from the performance point of view, we got pretty fucked up in the three weeks before, not unjustly. It was of course our main concern that we stand compact, that we get in well- the early gates, that is poison. We had a lot of positive energy on the field and a great will that I would never deny to the team, but which was, of course, questioned by the last games.

Was that also the right answer to the criticism also about the lack of attitude of the past weeks?

That was not up for discussion, I have always stressed that this team is alive, that was not a character test for me either. It was important that the distance from the front should not be too great, and that will also have to be the goal by Christmas to put pressure on the teams in front of us. I’m proud of the guys, like they did, because it was a pressure situation after the disastrous results of the last few weeks.

How important was it to play zero?

This is a nice addition. We know that we can defend well in principle. But that’s a combination of everything. This will be the basis in the coming weeks and months that we will defend well and try out of a compact to make our game forward. It will be essential that we defend well.

This time the last criticized arriving players have also been noticed. Did the coach tickle her in particular again?

He does not have to tickle us, we are aware of our responsibility. We cannot be satisfied with what we ourselves have achieved in recent weeks. One of the things we have to do is stand up front when it doesn’t work and fix it.