German handballers win second test

The German handballers have won the second test game against the Netherlands within 24 hours thanks to a phased strong performance.

One day after the 26:29-defeat in Groningen, the team of German trainer Henk Groener in Oldenburg at 29:28 (19:12) won the rematch via the World Cup and EM-third.

Unlike the team of German coach Henk Groener in Oldenburg at 29:28 (19:12) at the World Cup and EM-third.

During the duel the previous day the German team started very resolutely and consistently exploited the concentration of the opponent.

Xenia Smits in particular was always successful as a goalkeeper, Dinah Eckerle softened a number of pitches in the initial phase. In the middle of the first half of the season, the Green Guardians had lost a cushion (11:5).

The Dutch woman Tess Wester, a former goalkeeper of the VfL Oldenburg, who was so strong on Friday, was often powerless at the old site. The selection of the German Handball Association convinced its own audience and expanded the lead up to the break.

Lea Reuter saves the victory at the last second second

In the second part of the country double pack, which served to prepare for the World Cup playoffs against Croatia, After the change of sides, the much rejuvenated German team lost the line.

The DHB women could hardly stop the star player Estavana Polman, made too many mistakes and let the Dutch women get to a goal (26:25/53. Minute).

Two minutes before the end the guests even resembled (28:28/59.), Emily Bolk of the Thuringian HC took over the leadership shortly afterwards. After an unnecessary loss of the ball, Lea Ruiter saved the victory with a parade seconds before the end.

In the two games against Croatia, the DHB team on the 2nd and 5th of June is about the qualification for the Japanese Kumamoto World Cup (30. November to 15th December) and the associated chance to participate in the Olympic Games. Tournament 2020 in Tokyo.

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