Gislason is ashamed of verbal derailments

Bundestrainer Alfred Gislason was apparently a real bad boy in his early years as coach.

News Magazine Focus was told by the 61-year-old: “I am ashamed of many insults. He had a celebration ten years ago with his former Icelandic Akureyri players.

“They played me the things I threw out there. I was pale as to what I left behind for insult storms,”said the Icelander.

Gislason, who is competing with the German national team at the World Cup in Egypt, also gave an example. Once he and his team were in the back with nine gates at half-time. Then he told the goalkeeper to stay in the cabin, because instead he wanted to put a garbage can in the gate. It would hold better.

“If a coach had told me that, it would have been my last game under him,” Gislason said, “I myself have not played in the Icelandic national team for two years, Because I had a fight with the coach.”

Gislason does not want to define a goal for the World Cup starting next Thursday:”This is extreme in Germany. There must always be a target issued before the start. The Spaniards would never say we have to get WM gold.”Such a thing unnecessarily put pressure on a team.

First of all, competitors such as Spain already at the end of December and thus much earlier than the German national team could have started the joint training. Gislason: “We could not play well with each other over the Internet.”

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