Good to know: This is how Deadline Day works in the Bundesliga

On Friday the time of the big transfer poker is over again for the time being. Then the winter transfer period ends in the current season of the Bundesliga.

By 18:00 o’clock, according to the German Football League, all applications and contract documents must be submitted to the DFL. An overview of the rules and procedures of transfers in Germany as well as the transfer periods worldwide:

In what period can players change in the football league? According to the rules of the World Federation FIFA, an association exchange can only take place within two transfer periods defined by the respective association. In Germany there is the so-called transfer period I of the first. July to 31. August, also known as summer transfer period. The transfer period II or the winter transfer period runs from the first. to 31. January.

What are the rules for the transfer period in Germany?

In the Bundesliga the necessary transfer documents must be transmitted by the transfer online registration system (TOR) by 18:00 on Friday. After that, no players are allowed to enter the Bundesliga as well as the 2nd. and 3. Switch leagues. The exception is non-contract professionals: they can be committed at any time.

When do the transfer phases in the other European leagues end?

In Germany is 31. No more transfers in January evening. The same applies to the top European leagues in Spain, England, Italy, France and Turkey.

The deadlines are longer in Portugal, for example. In the Primeira league there, players can still make it to 2nd. Change February. Austria (6.2.), Switzerland (17.2.), Russia (21.2.) and the Czech Republic (22.2.) also have longer transfer periods in their leagues. The Polish (2.3.) as well as the Swedish and Norwegian leagues (31.3.) have their transfer only in March. In the countries, therefore, the transfer periods also start later.

Which leagues outside Europe can players switch to after the end of the German transfer phase?

International the transfer phases run partly into May. Like in the United States. In the U.S. Major League Soccer, which starts the season at the end of February, transfers can be made between the 12th. February and 5th. May be executed. Until 19th. In February, players have time to be committed to a club in the Argentine Primera Division. China (28.2.) and Japan (27.3.) as well as Brazil (2.4.) have later ending transfer windows.

Are there differences between the women and men leagues?

Yes, for example in the USA: there the transfer phase starts only at 6. March, well three weeks later than with the men. In Germany, however, both the women’s football league and the men’s football league are subject to the same transfer periods.

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