“Hakkinen recommends Vettel Twitter, Facebook and Co.”

Social Media is also in full trend in formula 1. Even the initially sceptical Kimi Rookie has thawed out on Instagram & Co. Only one person continues to consistently deny the subject: Sebastian Vettel. But that should change, former World Champion Mika finds Hakkinen.

If he talks about himself and his family, or about racing, then he really is a great guy,”says the Finnish in the podcast’F1 Nation’. But that Vettel only communicates with his fans via the media and in press conferences, “that’s not enough”.

“I certainly don’t give him advice on what else to do. But I would like him to reveal more of himself in public,”continued Hakkinen. Because then you’d understand better who Sebastian Vettel really is. He is sure: “The fans would love it.”

Hakkinen: That is why Vettel stops at Ferrari

The question is whether it will not be too late. For whether the German will still be driving in Formula One next year is more than questionable. After six years, he and his Ferrari team go their separate ways.

And that has little to do with his age or athletic performance for crocodiles.” I have a feeling he was pretty disappointed in Ferrari. The joy of teamwork was no longer there at Vettel,”he said.

“He was no longer comfortable in the team because he was constantly criticized extremely harshly. I think that in a team, this pressure and criticism must be shared on several shoulders. It’s never just one fault.”