Halstenberg betrays: This is how the training goes under Nagelsmann

Marcel Halstenberg, defender of the German football league RB Leipzig, has praised the quality of the training under the new exercise leader Julian Nagelsmann.

“It is already very demanding. Even with the game forms, you have to think about it calmly. But right now it still looks pretty good that I understand everything,”the 27-year-old told the”Sportbuzzer”.

Nagelsmann had announced that he would deliberately overpower his players in training. Halstenberg can live with it.” There is already a lot of new input coming in, but we will need it this season to take one more step forward,”said the external defender of the Cup finalist at Seefeld’s training camp.

According to Halstenberg’s assessment, Nagelsmann will have different training than his predecessor Ralf Rangnick. Julian often interferes with the game. The units are still a little more varied. I don’t think we’ve even had two identical game forms,”said the former Dortmund.

Even after the first solo conversation with the new coach, the left defender had a good feeling.

Halstenberg hopes for this opponent in the Champions League

“We chatted for 13 minutes, about many things. I was able to say everything that fits, which may not yet fit, without being offended.”

Halstenberg also exchanged with Nagelsmann about his personal goals.” I prefer to keep to myself what I have actually done. It stays with the coach and the team. One thing I can say is that the goals are higher than what has been achieved so far.”

For the second year in the Champions League the father-to-be hopes for great names.” Of course I want to compete with the best teams in the world, with the big chunks,”said the RB professional. His best friend was a Barcelona fan and had hoped for Barca two years ago. But Real Madrid, Manchester City or Paris would also be very exciting.”