Hamilton against reverse start-up

Lewis Hamilton has criticised Bernie Ecclestones’s proposal to introduce a reverse grid. In the course of discussions about the format of the qualification, the Mercedes pilot explains: “This is too artificial for me. This waters down the foundation that makes us stand out.”

Hamilton prefers a solution where the fastest pilot is already at the front of the race. No wonder, because at the moment, the British are making the sound in the time training.

Ecclestone, who is now advocating a system of time strikes according to the World Cup table, continues to push his idea of modifications to the starting position to bring about more overtaking manoeuvres: “The fans knew exactly, Whether the guy’s looking at pole position or sixth. They’d know exactly how much time to add. It’s easier than anything else,”says the 85-year-old. Problem: The concept has never been discussed in the relevant bodies.

Although the Qualifying Permanent Theme is among the powerful and he advertises weekly for his revolution, Ecclestone says: “I don’t think this would have ever been discussed.” Reason is obvious, Mercedes would push the bar in a vote: “If I were a team that never made it forward anyway, I’d be happy if some of them got caught and I was in line two or three,” Ecclestone declares the joker to be “Little”.

Conversion damages Mercedes

You accuse Zampano of pushing it against the wall with his income distribution. Thus he would fight another fire with his concept. Reverse side: At the same time, an implementation of the idea would be a blow to the office of the untouchable silver arrows on the track. Of course, they don’t want to completely sacrifice their superiority in favor of more tension: “If I were Mercedes, I wouldn’t want anything to change. It would be good for the sport, not good for them,”says Ecclestone.

Hamilton is unpolitical and generally stands up for the comparison of the fastest drivers and the fastest cars:”DRS is also artificial. I do not like this,”he argues against the flapping rear wing and calls on bolts that are able to overtake:”There are possibilities to design the cars in such a way that we can fight each other. In the GP2 the races were better, so I could follow an opponent more easily. Of course the Formula One cars are faster, but the more exciting races I had in the GP2,”he waxes the royal class.

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