Hamilton as a climber for Bottas?

It is still about the second place in the final classification of Formula 1. 2014, 2015 and 2016 there was always a Mercedes driver.

At the moment Ferrari pilot Sebastian Vettel is behind the new four-time world champion Lewis Hamilton in rank two. The third is Hamilton’s teammate, Valtteri Bottas. But there are also other topics that are discussed in the Sao Paulo Camp.


Lewis Hamilton wants to win, in Brazil and Abu Dhabi. But he would also put himself in the service of the team, if his Mercedes racing stable so requested. What Hamilton does not assume. I don’t think they’re going to ask.”For his teammate Valtteri Bottas, the second championship is still possible. 15-Points the Finnish has fallen behind on Vettel.

Holt Bottas the 30-year-old four-time world champion, Mercedes would put the World Champion and the Vizechampion for the fourth consecutive time. In addition, since 2014, the drivers of the silver arrows have always guaranteed the te am the World Championship title in the Construction Value.


About a photo with the rainy tyres Mercedes World Championship Race Stadium wrote already on Thursday: “Could be that we could use them this weekend.” Hardly prophesied, the rain in currents crashed on the course in Interlagos –by the way at the local race time in the afternoon.

Also for Friday, when twice is trained, and on Saturday, when the decision on the best starting places is pending after the third Free Training, rain is predicted. On racing day it is supposed to be dry.


Kimi has admitted that it was a long time ago.”His WM title 2007 was meant in Sao Paulo. There was talk of the winner of 2006 and 2008, Felipe Massa. About the drama surrounding the Paulista on his second and until now last home victory, when he became the moment world champion, but in the end Hamilton triumphed for the first time.

The theme was also the sensational performance of Max Verstappen a year ago, when he rode in the rain with a pick-up to place three. Sao Paulo, Interlagos, Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace


No more driver in the field next year and an uncertain formula-1 future for the race in Interlagos. At the moment, all that remains is the principle of hope, even with Felipe Massa, the last remaining driver from the land of Formula One legend Ayrton Senna.

“It is true that we are not going through an easy time financially in Brazil,” said the 36-year-old before his second, but now also last home farewell races in the Motorsport Royal Class.


Ferrari even threatened to exit again. After the release of the planned new engine rules from 2021, the new Formula One owners (Liberty Media) will also feel the (usual old) power struggles. Together with Ferrari, the two other manufacturers had also criticised the plans, but did not threaten an exit.

Red-Bull team leader Christian Horner reacted to them in Brazil. Formula 1 has a habit of running its business through the media,”said Horner””,”it is all part of the theatre and the show and part of the intrigue that is formula 1″. Horner, who himself has been an active part of this Formula One show for years, hopes that the new owners will have the courage to implement their plans.