Hamilton celebrates the frustration of the soul

At the moment, Lewis Hamilton is not running around at all on the race track, which seems to be reason enough for the Mercedes star to spread his frustration with a wild party night in Miami.

On Thursday, the Brit posted a series of videos on his profile at the Instant Messaging Service Snapchat, which show it, among other things, when consuming tequila and smoking a water pipe. But this is not enough: even slightly dressed ladies can be seen.

Hamilton, who made a stop in Florida on the way to an engagement on Barbados, wears prominent gold jewellery, a red baseball cap and a white T-shirt on the pictures produced in a nightclub. He snorts at a Tequila bottle, which in a discotheque costs well and likes to cost several hundred euros. At his water pipe he pulls pleasantly and looks directly into the camera. It is clear that he does not make a secret of a new party process.

New highlight of a series of failures

Other clippings of the videos on which the buttocks of a dancer appear to be in her underwear fit. In addition, another guest, not Hamilton, is being watched as he slaps the lady on the ass. The Formula One Ace dances with another woman and apparently enjoys the exuberant pleasure in Miami.

The party procession is the latest culmination of a series of social media errors committed by Hamilton in recent months. So far he has not felt any consequences from his employer Mercedes, In the interest of a global group like Daimler, such escapades cannot be one of his most expensive employees.

After the Bahrain Grand Prix in April Hamilton was already seen on Snapchat pictures smoking a water pipe once. At a party, he posed with a pop singer. A night-time car accident with a two million-euro-high-priced Pagani Zonda in Monaco last November also caused a commotion, according to his information, when he was carsick as a result of his mother’s birthday party, which he had personally organised.

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