Hamilton Interview: Still a long way to go

After his victory at the Japanese GP, Lewis Hamilton turned himself in to press representatives. In spite of the important triumph, the British are reluctant to take a look at the overall rating.

Mr Hamilton, how does this victory feel?

The track was fantastic and the team did an incredible job. It’s just great to have such a beautiful day here. It wasn’t easy because the Red Bulls were really fast. Especially in the end they came very close to me. Max didn’t make it easy for us.

How did you feel about the start?

The start was okay, but it wasn’t the greatest. I later tried to control the tires and the tempo. The Red Bulls were really fast. With the tires we were really at the limit, so it was crucial to spare the tires.

How do you rate this advance of 59 points on your WM tracker Sebastian Vettel?

Frankly, I could only dream of such an advance in the driving value. I owe it all to the team, it’s so meticulous. Without the reliability of my team, we could not have obtained these results. It was not a walk in the park, I had to work hard.

Do you already have one and a half hands on the World Cup trophy?

It is truly incredible that we are where we are now. The team has shown that we have a solid platform. But it’s still a long way off. 100-points are still to be made and that is a lot. A lot can always happen in life.

Wwill you change your approach before the last four races?

There is no reason to go out and want to race. I don’t take crazy risks in my position. It’s still about doing what we do. Sometimes when you step off the gas, you get yourself in more trouble than you think.