“Hamilton paints his artwork, Rosberg makes the world beautiful”

One has crowned again as World Champion, the other slowly but surely degenerates into eternal number 2: Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg are currently separating worlds. It’s hardly surprising that this affects the mood of the Mercedes pilots. While the Brit in Mexico City is becoming philosophical, Rosberg speaks the sporting misery nicely –if he says anything at all.

On Thursday morning he proudly proudly proudly proudly featured with a huge sombrero through the trailer park in Mexico City, a few hours later Lewis Hamilton’s laughter had become even wider.” I’m here in Mexico, I’ve never been here before. And now I’m in Mexico to drive an F1 Grand Prix,”the freshly baked world champion says in an exclusive RTL interview:”There are 20-of-7,3 billion people all over the world, who have this privilege and I am also number one in the world.”

One of the 20 drivers mentioned in the field is known as Nico Rosberg, whose mood has reached a new low point after the last Grand Prix in the USA:”No comment”,”I don’t want to reopen the barrel now”, “I have given up my mustard often enough”- there have undoubtedly been better times to conduct an interview with the World Cup third party. It would have been hard to digest Austin, “but now I am back to 100 percent and it is necessary to give full attack again,” Rosberg admits at the beginning of an interview, but after real action it does not sound anymore.

The spike that his stable stable stable stable stable stable stable stable stable stable stable stable in the USA sits too deep. With a hard maneuver, Hamilton had pushed his teammates off the track, and after winning the World Championship, he even exposed him when he had thrown a cap at him for the second place. It was just a joke to me,”said Hamilton, who after winning his third title has now become world champion just as often as the F1 legends Ayrton Senna, Jackie Stewart or Niki Lauda.

Rosberg soon wants to “clean out” Hamilton

Rosberg, on the other hand, continues to pursue his dream of leading the tableau after a season, several newspapers pressed the’eternal number two’stamp on his helmet after the U.S. GP. What can I say? That is not my opinion, nor can I share and understand it. That’s why I can’t comment on it either,”replied Rosberg in the RTL interview, in which he is unfamiliar with wortkarg.

“I don’t want to go into it anymore, these are the usual games,”it says in view of the’Kappen affair’:”I’m sorry, I’ve given my mustard to it so many times. I’m in Mexico now, and I don’t want to open that barrel again. Our internal discussion is still pending, as I trust the team to act appropriately,”says the German, who had given the victory in Austin by getting off the track just before the end, but now thinks:”The car was caught by a strong gust of wind, the data shows. It was also my fault, but these findings make it easier to get over it.”

It unfortunately seems as if Rosberg is trying to talk the sports misery nicely. The fact is, he didn’t stand a chance against a shamelessly constant teammate this year. There are also rumors that Rosberg is sometimes seen as a second violin at Mercedes next to Hamilton.” Even if I felt like I was being discriminated against, there’s no point in discussing it here. I’m sorry, but that only hurts me, such things have to be discussed internally.”

No question, the frustration is still deep and that, according to Hamilton, will not change in the coming season.” For whatever reason, but I am blessed with the talent to do what I do so well,”the champion cheers and says what many Formula One fans think:”The worst thing for a driver is to be my teammate. If it wasn’t for me, Nico might be twice the world champion by now. But as long as I’m here, he won’t.”

Some experts think that Rosberg would be well advised to either change the team or finally keep on track with the necessary toughness against his stables. I always think about whether I need to change, whether I’m on the right path, but I can’t give away my thoughts here. Then I’ll help Lewis because he’ll see how I’m going to act in the future. One must strike unexpectedly,”says Rosberg, who, however, already has his ideas in his head for next year,”to clean up Lewis.” p>

That he succeeds is not to be expected at the moment. Hamilton is stronger than ever, and he regularly drives the competition to the ground. At the latest with his third World Cup title, the Brit is on his way to the legend –a term he associates “with the older generation,” says Hamilton, and becomes philosophical at the end of the interview: “I do not feel like a legend because I am only thirty years old, there is still so much to do. You’re a legend when you finish what you do. As a legend one has completed his work of art, I still paint.”

Interviews with Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg are shown at the weekends i n the Formula One pre-report, Saturday from 19.15 o’clock at n-tv, Sunday from 19.05 o’clock at RTL.

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