Hannover boss is betting against the DFL

Club leader Martin Kind of the Bundesliga Hannover 96 criticised the German Football League after denying him a special approval for the 50+1 rule.

“I am disappointed with the DFL as a company. It lacks the strength, The association has already announced, “take all necessary and legal steps”.

96-Manager Horst Heldt also expressed dissatisfaction with the decision. “The association has already announced that it will take all necessary and legal steps.” In my view, the DFL Bureau has failed in its duty to preserve 50+1 and to make it more legally secure, as was decided at the members’meeting in March,”said the ex-pro on Wednesday. You have now given up responsibility. Either Mr. Child is the Buhmann or the Federal Cartel Office is taking away their duty.”

Herodt also asked to think about the decisive authority. It is necessary to consider whether, in principle, it is timely to allow selected Hannover 96 competitors to make sustainable decisions. This seems to be where self-interest is taken over the overall well-being,”said Heldt.”Just as with the distribution key of television money. Why not use an independent body in the future?”