HBL-Boss Schwenker fears premature season-out

According to HBL President Uwe Schwenker, handball games without spectators are not a good solution for many federal leagues.

“The clubs are not built in any way by ghost games. 30,40 percent –in the top up to 50 percent of the club’s budget come through audience revenue,”Schwenker told the TV channel”Sky Sport”.”The club’ Television is immensely important to us, but it is only five percent in the budget,”said the 61-year-old.

But ghost games would also be acceptable in the face of the Corona pandemic.” It is not excluded in principle. We keep all options open,”said former national player Schwenker. He is sceptical, however, as to whether the Bundesliga can continue. Personally, I find it rather unlikely that we will play the season to the end.”

The HBL and the club bosses had agreed in a video conference last week to continue the currently interrupted season as far as possible from May 16th to finish it by June 30th. An extension of the game time until July or even August ruled out the league after legal examination.

How the Bundesliga game time would be estimated in case of a break-up, however, is still open. In this case, there should be no downer.

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