Herthas Grujic has a crush on Unitracht-Knipser Jovic

With Luka Jovic, football federator Eintracht Frankfurt currently has an integrated gate guarantee. For young friend Marco Grujic of Hertha BSC, the rapid development of the attacker comes little surprising.

“I always knew Luka would be a great player,” Grujic was fascinated by the qualities of the Frankfurt goalie, who has already scored ten goals in eleven league games in the current season, in the “Sport Bild”.

Grujic and Jovic already played together as ten years old for Red Star Belgrade. Even then, he made a goal out of every chance,”the Berlin professional looked back:”This remained the same for all the years we played together in Serbia.”

Next game day, the Bundesliga game between Hertha BSC and Eintracht Frankfurt will be hard to see again. His form is really incredible. But we win this game. In the square I have to take him out,”Grujic confidently said about the upcoming duel with his former teammates.