Hollywood composer working on new formula-1 hymn

He has already performed musicals such as The Fast and The Furious, The Expendables or “The Mummy”. Now the American composer Brian Tyler has received an assignment from Formula One: Liberty Media has entrusted him with the development of a new title melody for the race series.

The 45-year-old is enthusiastic about this assignment: “What an honor! That makes a lifelong dream come true, because I’m a big Formula One fan. So let’s do it!”

The Formula One hymn that Tyler is currently composing is to be heard, among other things, on the new Formula One TV platform. It was only these days that Liberty Media presented the plans for its own streaming service for formula 1. Whether the formula-1 melody will also be used –for example in the Formula-1 world signal on traditional television, is not yet known.

“Music is a key component in sport”

It is clear however: Tyler has experience in the musical staging of major sports. Among other things, he is the source of the intro music for the television broadcasts of the US broadcaster ESPN to the American football league NFL.

The clients of Liberty Media justify their initiative as follows: “We want to bring the fans closer to formula 1 and pursue different strategies, In order to make the show more attractive, a Formula One speaker at the request of’’.

“Music is a key component in sport. That’s why we hired an internationally renowned professional to develop a new Formula One hymn. He’s already started it. In due course we will officially present his work.”