Honda: Learned from the mistakes

At Honda, those responsible think they found the reason for the bad F1 comeback with place 9 in the team-WM.

“At the beginning of the season we got to feel that we were gone for seven years”, motor sports director Yasuhisa Arai said to “Nikkei Asian Review”.

“We expected the technological problems, and although we also recognized them, we could not identify the causes quickly enough and fix them. Athletes talk about’lack of game practice’,”said Arai, who praised the improvement:”We will solve the technological problems that we could not fix 2015, and go confident into the first season race.”

Honda had withdrawn 2008 from formula 1, but had communicated immediately before the comeback in the last season in order to want to ride podiums. In the final reckoning Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button then only got 27 WM counters.

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