Honda? Team leader confirms conversations

Clean team leader Monisha Kaltenborn has officially confirmed talks between Clean and Honda. Since the rumor has been around since winter, a possible deal seems to be becoming more and more concrete.

So the Japanese could supply clean engines from the season 2018. We are in talks,”says Kaltenborn to”Racer”regarding this variant. A change still in the current season 2017, however, would be excluded.

“We have not had any discussions regarding this season. We have an engine supplier and we will stay with him,”Kaltenborn makes clear. Clean driving this season with last year’s Ferrari motors and will probably do so until the final in Abu Dhabi. The latest speculation was that McLaren could “clean” the Honda engines during the year.

One does not want to know about such a variant in Hinwil. Our situation is clear, and we will not change it just because another one has problems,”Kaltenborn stabs McLaren. The team from Woking is expected to return to Mercedes. But since the contract with Honda is still up to 2024, one should first find a way to get rid of the Japanese engines.

Here comes clean. It would make sense for the team from Switzerland to enter into a potentially exclusive deal with Honda. Although the engines are still far too weak, in the long run such a deal could pay off not only in financial but also in sporting terms.

Who with whom? Everything is still open…

On the one hand, Clean would relieve a partnership with Honda financially, because the Japanese would invest money properly, as is the case now with McLaren. On the other hand, Clean would no longer depend on previous years’engines, which not only cost money but are even slower than the new power units. In Honda, the team would always receive current material.

Nevertheless, everything seems to be open at the moment. In any case, Kaltenborn explains that you have “some options.” We know we have a decision to make soon. We will, but we haven’t decided on anything yet,”said the team leader. In fact, in the coming weeks the FIA expects an agreement between a cleaner and an engine manufacturer.

agreement already at the end of April?

By May all teams should be equipped with an engine so that a situation like 2015 does not happen again, As Red Bull and Toro Rosso stood there just before the end of the season without any drive for the new year. Accordingly, there is now speculation that there could already be an agreement between Clean and Honda in April. This is reported at least by the Japanese Formula One website “F1 Life”.

Theoretically, of course, there is also the possibility that Clean may change to Honda, but McLaren may also be kept by the Japanese. Honda was very interested in supplying an additional team with engines in addition to McLaren. A completely different scenario, on the other hand, would be a switch from clean to Mercedes. In contrast to “car sports”, Kaltenborn also refers to this as “possibility”.