Hope for red? Ferrari sets first peak times in spa

Last year’s Sebastian Vettel set the best time to start the Formula One weekend in Spa-Francorchamps.

In the first training unit after the summer break in Belgium on Friday, the 32-year-old in Ferrari in 1:44574 minutes landed well two tenths of customers in front of his Mongolian teammate Charles Leclerc. The second season winner Max Verstappen from the Netherlands took place in Red Bull.

World Champion Lewis Hamilton had early problems with the gas pedal on his car. The part was changed during the session in the Ardennes, but the title defender returned to the track with more than seven kilometres in the race calendar. The British champion of the World Cup held back by 1399 seconds to Vettel place six. In front of him, the Finnish Valtteri Bottas landed in the second silver arrow. Nico Hullkenberg from Emmerich had to settle for eleven in the Renault.

Before the 13th of the 21st season on Sunday (15:10 o’clock) Hamilton leads with 250 points sovereign before Bottas (188) and Verstappen (181). The Heppenheimer Vettel is only fourth with 156 meters and wants to repeat its success in Belgium as much as possible from the previous year. Since then, the four-time World Champion has not won a race.