Hope in Hockenheim: Will formula 1 remain?

In anticipation of the German Grand Prix, there was also a murky feeling at the 22nd of July 2018 in Hockenheim: Would it be the last time for the Formula One to hold a race there?

Probably that is why many fans flocked to the Motodrome this year to experience the Royal Class once again live. Because whether there will also be a German race is still uncertain.

Hockenheim has contributed its part to the fact that the Formula One owners of Liberty Media need to think seriously about the future of their race series in Germany. The trend is your friend”, means an English proverb.

And therefore formula 1 cannot afford to make a bow to the auto nation right away. Not at all, where the ratings in Hockenheim have risen again for the first time in years: The legendary Motodrome, it was once again as full as it was at the Schumi time over a decade ago!

With 71.000 fans in the stands, the Hockenheimring has even achieved a better audience result than in the farewell race of Michael Schumacher 2006 in Germany, When 70.000 cheered on the ranks the last home victory of the seven-time World Champion.

Afterwards, formula 1 in Hockenheim had meanwhile even slipped on only 52.000 visitors – to the successful “counter-commuter” this year with the highest fan demand since 2005. Germany is formula-1-tired? Doesn’t look like it anymore! p>

Top premise: No more losses!

Probably that is why Hockenheim-Streckenheim-Streckenchef Georg Seiler looks positively ahead: “The spectator storm is of course optimistic for the future,” he says in a conversation with “”. But it is still unclear whether there will be a new edition.

But so much is already established: Hockenheim does not sign a “gag contract” as in the days of Bernie Ecclestone. Because Seiler and Co. have signed up to write no more losses in the future.

“So it only works if there are partners who pay to formula 1 or cover risks,” he explains. Million-dollar entry fees with no prospect of refinancing would no longer be sustainable.

Although the Hockenheimring, which belongs to 94 percent of the city of Hockenheim and to six percent to the Badische Motorsport Club (BMC), without a Formula One race wrote no losses, but, on the other hand, the royal class contributes significantly to the image of the race track, as Seiler emphasizes. And that’s what finally counts. I am also proud that there was a Formula One race here for the 36th time. Because we are a race track and not just an all-round arena where a lot is happening. We want to do motor sports here. And that includes formula 1.”

What does the Porsche deal mean?

However, in Hockenheim alternative models are already being worked on to ensure the future of the racetrack. For example, a part of the ancient inner courtyard in the Motodrome will soon be demolished in order to create space for an experience center of Porsche. This measure could hit purists in the head and cost seats in any case.

But Seiler says: “I don’t see a piece of Motodrome gone, but it revives the whole thing with a nice further picture. That’ll fit in. In addition, there are no changes in capacity, as our capacity is much higher.”Further mobile platforms could easily be built to meet high demand, for example for formula 1. says Seiler.

And maybe the new Porsche construction is just the beginning of a new strategy for hockey. Seiler does not rule out the possibility that other buildings of this kind could soon be built on the area of the racetrack -“certainly not to load, but in favor of the track,” as he means.

For “You also need further value creation, Finally one has to bear maintenance costs and make investments.”

The Hockenheimring will not be a construction site

The additional business as in this case with Porsche is”appropriate”and the Hockenheimring looks”confident forward”in this matter. Also because other potential partners are already looking ahead.

“I don’t want to name names,” says Seiler, but at least he says: “They’re not necessarily car companies. There are also suppliers and similar more.”

The course itself will not become a construction site in the foreseeable future, says Seiler.”Apart from the partition of the inner courtyard.” The Formula-1 race weekend underlined this once again.

In addition, the Hockenheimring has its own charm. I do not want to say that we have an installation that has come into the years. Rather, it is a traditional route with different circumstances. You just have to accept that. After all, we are not Singapore or Abu Dhabi with a hotel across the line. We are a beautiful, traditional, well-functioning racing track.”

Hockenheim: A racing track of the”old school”

Sebastian Vettel has recently personally established that there are still gravel beds in the motodrome, When he was in the lead, he slipped off the track and left.

Hockenheim stands high in the course as the “old school” race track, although many fans miss the old forest lines. They were partially renaturated as part of the line numbero2001. And in the Hardtwald of Hockenheim there is no longer much reminiscent of the former Grand Prix scene, there is not even a hiking trail around the former course course course.

But what is not, can still be, says Seiler, who has been working at Hockenheimring for well 40 years: “Maybe let them do something else to my successor.”

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