Horner sees Red Bull well equipped for 2020

Three victories Max Verstappen was able to enter in the last Formula One season, but the World Cup train had already left after the first success. Because, as so often in recent years, Red Bull overslept the start of the season and only came into play towards the end.

We had some problems with the package at the beginning,”says Max Verstappen.”We had some problems with the package at the beginning.” We could not really fight for victories, and reaching the podium was also quite difficult,”says the Dutch. That is why it was never possible to intervene in the World Cup. This is supposed to change 2020, but you need a vehicle that can compete at the beginning of the season.

“We know that we have to be competitive from the start. We want to fight for the title,”says Understand. That’s why we put all our efforts into it. It won’t be easy, but we’ll try. We are trying everything we can.”

Red Bull team leader Christian Horner is encouraging his protege in this regard. He is convinced that the 2020 team will start with a better platform.

“The key is stable regulation. Theoretically, the cars you see in three months will be an upgrade of the cars here,”he says in Abu Dhabi.

Because it will be the last year before the big change, he does not assume, And not only with the victory in Brazil, Red Bull looks well equipped: “It feels like we are on the right track,” says Horner. “It feels like we are on the right track.” If we haven’t missed anything, we can be competitive from the beginning of the season.”

This would also be important in order to keep Max understood in the future. The Dutchman is constantly linked to other teams and finally strives for the first title.

2019 he was better than ever, according to Horner. It had to be the best year for me too,”says Verstpen himself. It’s just natural. The experience helps enormously.”

And 2020 has added another year of this. Is that enough for the title?