Horst Heldt: Withdraw a contract or switch to Schalke?

The signs are descending from the football league Hannover 96. Only on Saturday President Martin Child declared that he no longer believed in salvation. Take the corridor to 2nd. The league must also leave the club, the signs have been saying goodbye for weeks. But the Lower Saxons will probably not get rid of the 49-year-olds so easily.

Still this week there is supposed to be a separation tip between hero and child. According to the’picture’, this is no less than three million euros. Finally, the manager’s contract still runs until June 2021.

According to the information in the boulevard leaflet, in the event of an exemption, Heldt does not intend to give up a single cent of his salary. Instead, he can well imagine a “manager break” with his wife and son in Munich with the 96-salary as “pain money”, as “picture” calls it.

However, a former employer could change Herodt’s view. For a long time now, the 49-year-old at FC Schalke 04 has been treated as a candidate for the vacant position as sports director.

“Image” speculates that the fan protest against Christoph Metzelder could lead to a renewed interest in Heldt. Finally, the manager will still have a very good relationship with Schalkes. Chief Supervisor Clemens Tonnies resigned.

Heldt had turned his back on Schalke in the summer 2016 after five years in office. At the beginning of 2017 he hired in Hanover.