Innovation or bullshit? Formula 1 checks sprinters

In the course of the extensive changes to the rules of the 2021 season, formula 1 examines a new qualification format.

As reported by the journal Auto, Motor and Sport, there are considerations, Replace Saturday qualifying on race weekends four times a year with a kind of mini-grand-prix to ensure more action on selected racing tracks.

Therefore, a race over 100 kilometers should replace the qualification, in which the starting position is currently determined in three K.o.-phases.

The plan: The starting position of the sprint race on Saturday is automatically determined by the inverse state in the overall WM rating. As a result of the competition, the starting position for the main race on Sunday is revealed. As routes, for example, the courses in China, Spain or France are to be considered. However, narrow urban courses such as those in Monaco or Singapore were rather unsuitable for the new project, it was said. There the pole position should also be determined further in a normal qualifying.

Brawn confirms considerations

“2020 is a good opportunity to try out a few things before 2021 comes the great rule reform,” said Formula One sports boss Ross Brawn at the edge of the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa at “Sky Sports”. Basically, the format of a race weekend is good, but “there may be one or the other that can make our sport even more interesting on Saturday in particular”.

Brawn is also thinking about tightening up the program on the race weekends.” Earlier on Thursday afternoon, the teams came to the track, unloaded their cars and set off. Meanwhile, they come on Monday or Tuesday with an incredible amount of staff, so that everything will be ready on Friday,”said the long-time guide of record world champion Michael Schumacher:”We could do two short training sessions on Friday afternoon, then a preparation on Friday morning is enough.”

The teams are in any case generally open to changes, Brawn said. Renault te am leader Cyril Abiteboul confirmed this at the spa on Friday: “We should try to give the spectators even more excitement, and this could be done, for example, by sprinting.” Haas team leader Gunter Steiner, however, said to think: “This all costs the races extra money again, and, as you know, every innovation is used up quite quickly again.”