Interior Minister criticizes “Bremer Weg” at risk games

Baden-Wurttemberg Minister of the Interior Thomas Strobl criticised the “Bremer Weg” in the discussion about police costs in so-called high-risk games of the Bundesliga and instead advertised for his own model. An obligation on football clubs or associations to pay the cost of police operations does not increase the safety of football games nor relieve the police”, Said the CDU politician on Thursday.

Much more important, therefore, was “intensive and cooperative cooperation of the security actors–that is the right way,” said Strobl.

That is why he had the initiative “Stadium Alliance” with representatives of clubs and associations of the first five football leagues a year ago. Created life. This is intended to minimise the burden on officials through better cooperation and yet ensure safety.

“Last season we managed to save more than 3.800 forces and around 30.000 hours in the first five leagues. The registered criminal charges have decreased by eleven per cent, from 679 to 602,”said Strobl.

DFL Managing Director Christian Seifert praised the initiative. The idea of stadium alliances can also serve as a model for other locations. All those involved have one great goal in common: a consistently high level of security around football games with adequate police intervention,”said Seifert.

The Bremen Interior Senator Ulrich Murrer (SPD) had chosen a different path and the additional costs, for the match between Werder Bremen and the Hamburg SV on 19. In April 2015, the German Football League (DFL) issued a notice of fees to the German Football League (DFL).

An initial judgment of the administrative court Bremen, which had declared the decisions unlawful, dismissed the Oberverwaltungsgericht Bremen on 21st. In February one.

It considered that the DFL should contribute to the costs. The DFL then submitted a review to the Federal Administrative Court, the decision is still pending here.