Is Delaney’s time at the BVB running out?

Thomas Delaney has become a part-time worker at Borussia Dortmund this season. In addition to all the abundance, a heavy displacement now also stops the Danes. Is his time at BVB already running out?

Profit debut with 17-year-old, 19-year-old integral of FC Copenhagen, 21-year-old Danish champion, 22-year-old performer, leader and captain of the capitals, With 25 years of change to Werder Bremen.

With 26 years of Borussia Dortmund for 20 million euros lured into the Ruhrpott and at once tribal power.

Delaney barely crossed over the BVB jersey in the summer 2018, the new access provided what was expected of him in the black-yellow camp.

He did not shy of a duel, also kept an overview in fierce situations and garnered his fighting brilliance with a full nine goal participations (3 goals/6 templates) in his premiere season.

“I am not the biggest name in world football, but a leader. In November 2018, Delaney described his role as a mentality player better than the kicker.

BVB without Thomas Delaney.

A year later the hand has turned for Delaney: The Routinier has lost his regular place, is only temporarily asked by Coach Lucien Favre.

In the previous season Delaney was in 38 of the 45th BVB mandatory game on the lawn. 2019/2020 have completed 18 games so far. Delaney only makes nine bets, only six of them over the full 90 minutes.

Delaney was not satisfied with the status quo. “The coach believes that my opponents are in better shape. I don’t agree with the coach, but I have to accept it. It’s his job to put the team together and it’s not like I’m the only player on the bench,”the midfielder said to ” The situation was “not optimal” for him.

Above all, a statistic should worry the 43-time national player Denmark: with Delaney, the BVB won three games, collected two defeats and played Remis four times. Without him, the results are seven wins, a remiss, a bankruptcy, the 0:4 debacle at FC Bayern Munich on the last Bundesliga game day.

Thomas Delaney is missing from the BVB until January

Delaney cannot collect arguments for more time. At 1:1 in the Danish national game against Ireland on Monday, his working day was already over after thirteen minutes due to injury.

The diagnosis: rupture of the ligaments in the right joint. Only in January will he be available to the BVB again.

The struggle for the tribal seats will then resume fighting ernatur Delaney, no question. However, if the mentality player can link back to his first twelve months in Dortmund, the time has to show.

Marc Affeldt