It was Skill: permanent critic Villeneuve praises Stroll

Lance Stroll impressed many fans and experts on the weekend. On Saturday, the Canadian secured the first pole position of his career in difficult conditions, and on Sunday he led the race in Turkey in the initial phase. This is surprising in that the World Champion of 1997 had regularly been seen as one of the biggest Stroll critics in the past. He described the 18-year-old in his rookie season 2017 as one of the worst rookies of all time and indicated that he had only managed to make it to formula 1 for the money.

He repeated this criticism over the years and was once banned from Stroll’s ex-team Williams. On Saturday, after the qualifying in Istanbul, Villeneuve has now made surprisingly new sounds. Stroll has set up an extraordinary round and “deserves” the pole, says Villeneuve at’Sky’.

“Unlike other drivers he has made no mistakes. I don’t know what to criticize about his performance,”Villeneuve says, making it clear,”It was no luck. It was Skill. Other drivers had the same tyre strategy as Lance, but they did not implement it so flawlessly,”praises the former World Champion and today’s TV expert.

“Obviously, he then feels most comfortable”

In addition, Villeneuve reminds of the qualifying in Monza 2017, when Stroll had also entered a strong fourth place under similar difficult conditions. In such a situation, the 22-year-old now surpasses himself. He also praises Stroll’s podiums in Baku 2017 and this year in Monza.

“Obviously he feels best when the conditions are most difficult,” says Villeneuve. Bad luck for Stroll: Because he had severe tire problems in the second half of the race on Sunday, he ended up only niner in Turkey. At least he seems to have convinced his biggest critics by now with his performance.

Incidentally: Strolls Pole on Saturday was the first Canadian since the Formula One season Final 1997 in Jerez. Pole-Sitter then: Jacques Villeneuve.