Jordan counts Vettel: Not at eye level with Leclerc

Of course you would like him in the car,”says Eddie Jordan about Sebastian Vettel. But his “but” follows immediately. Why Jordan, as former Formula One team owner, is no longer so convinced of the four-time world champion Vettel, he explains this in the podcast’F1 Nation’.

According to this Jordan believes that Vettel no longer has the same magic as it did at the age of 33. His thesis: “It should be difficult to arouse the same enthusiasm and obtain the same charisma.”

That alone is why Jordan Vettel would “probably not” engage, as he says. Reason: “There are far too many young boys who follow. A year ago, no one would have believed that Charles Leclerc would completely dismantle him in her first year together. But this is exactly what happened.”

Leclerc as a stumbling block for Vettel

Leclerc had won the first Ferrari season victory before Vettel and won the Ferrari home race in Monza. In the overall evaluation of the World Cup, Leclerc with 264:240 points also remained ahead of Vettel.

Now Leclerc is on the very best path, “probably for many years to be number one at Ferrari”, says Jordan. Vettel, on the other hand, must look for a new team after the season 2020, if he wants to stay in formula 1.

Vettel “not even at eye level with Leclerc”

Jordan Vettel no longer sees at the absolute top. Not even if Vettel were to receive an equivalent car to Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes. Could Vettel thus become a danger to the six-time world champion?” I don’t think so,”says Jordan.

What brings him to this thesis: the current situation at Ferrari. At the moment, psychologically, he doesn’t even drive with Leclerc. And that’s exactly how I would see it as team leader.”

Incidentally: Jordan once put the same-name team in formula 1, which has changed its name several times and is now racing point. It is precisely this racing centre that is considered a possible point of contact for Vettel in the season 2021.