Julian Brandt turns up at BVB: Favre’s big mistake

Julian Brandt is on his way to Borussia Dortmund in the last few weeks. Before the Champions League final game against Slavia Prague on Tuesday (from 21:00 o’clock in the Liveticker) summer re-entry is almost indispensable for the BVB. Particularly because coach Lucien Favre finally put him in the right position.

When Julian Brandt had just finished his best game in the BVB jersey at 5:0 against Fortuna Dusseldorf, the national player was a wanted interlocutor in the mixed zone of the signal Iduna Park.

Brandt, despite his first 23 years “I never doubt myself. That’s really the case,” he looked back on the first weeks of his engagement in Dortmund. “I don’t doubt myself. I don’t doubt that.” I think there are many good things in me.”He was”on the way to Borussia Dortmund as many of me know it already.”

Julian Brandt (l.) showed his best game in the BVB jersey against Dusseldorf

BVB paid 25 million euros for Julian Brandt –a bargain?

By this, Brandt certainly meant the last round back at his former club Bayer Leverkusen, the best half-year of his previous career.

Brandt was one of the top middleweight players of the league, he was heavily involved in the entry of Bayers into the Champions League. Seven gates and twelve templates were all recorded at the end of the season as personal records.

That the BVB had to transfer to Leverkusen only 25 million euros for the native Bremer in times of the totally overheated transfer market thanks to an exit clause, Julian Brandt was widely regarded as a coup and a real bargain.

Julian Brandt was one of the faces of the BVB crisis

But the World Cup participant of 2018 became a face of the mature, in parts also bitterly disappointing season start of Borussia.

Smaller glimpses of light like his performance as a Joker at 1. FC Cologne on the second day of the game, the Champions League games at Slavia Prague and against Inter Milan or the double pack in the DFB Cup against Gladbach replaced Brandt’s unobtrusive, partially weak performance.

On the 0:4 debacle in Munich, like almost all teammates, he got no leg on the ground. Against the SC Paderborn, the blonde head was switched at the game stand from 0:3 to break, The problem was that Coach Lucien Favre did not find a suitable position for Brandt in his 4-2-3-1 system, which was carved into stone for a week.

In Leverkusen in particular, the right foot had recently found an inadequate position for Brandt in his 4-2-3-1 system. Brandt was once an outdoor stormer, sometimes a Reus replacement behind the top, sometimes even a (false) niner. He was the first to be able to take the lead in a creative spirit between six, eight and ten.

Under Favre, Brandt was once an outdoor stormer, sometimes a Reus replacement behind the top. The tactical corset of the Swiss football teacher, who had been fiercely contested in Dortmund, robbed the young professional of his strength. Brandt’s suboptimal positioning may have been Favre’s biggest mistake.

Changing to Debakel at FC Bavaria

First the low points against FC Bavaria and Paderborn as well as the subsequent 1:3-failure at FC Barcelona in the Champions League prompted the 62-year-old to rethink.

Favre gave up on Hertha BSC for the first time. This season on a second sixth alongside chief strategist Axel Witsel. Brandt was allowed to slip into his Leverkusen role. The recipe was accepted, even if the BVB acted in lower numbers for more than half a period after the placement for Mats Hummels.

The Duesseldorf game eventually became the triumph of the new tactical basic order – and Brandts.

For almost every dangerous action of his team the former child had his feet in the game, even if Brandt remained without direct gate participation. 119 Ball Contacts, most of the players on the field, 90 percent incoming passes, 91 percent of the duel rate – Brandt’s performance impressed on his new old position.

“It’s a lot of fun to play in this position. I think if you are active from the center, then it can revive a game”, said the Matchwinner. Favre also welcomed his late but successful move: “We have found that the tactics work well, That’s why we’ve been playing it like this for over ninety minutes.”

Witsel-Ausfall also affects Julian Brandt

Bitter for Brandt and the BVB: Starting with the decisive group game in the royal class against Slavia, Favre has to throw the new marching route over the pile or at least modify it extensively.

Witsel, with his Sovereignty and passport security actually the Congolese partner for Brandt in the switchboard, falls out after his fall down the stairs until the end of the year. Instead of the Belgian, the last formless Julian Weigl will probably run up on the sixth.

Brandt as the remaining constant in the center becomes even more important for Favre and the BVB in view of this forced conversion and must now prove that his recovery is sustainable.

Tobias Knoop