Jurgen Kohler warns BVB about “huge problem”

Although FC Bavaria has left behind its performance crisis in the Bundesliga with the last three consecutive victories, former national player Jurgen Kohler does not believe that the record champion can still catch up on the nine points behind the BVB.

For Kohler, who played between 1995 and 2002 himself in Dortmund, is the BVB after the dominant background of the “clear favorite” on the title. The former world-class defensive player does not trust the FC Bayern this year, which has won the championship of the season.

“The FC Bayern has stabilized recently, but one must realistically classify results as a 4:0 against a weak Hanover,” Kohler said in “kicker,” that the achievements of the Munich people were perhaps too much cheered up recently.” In my view, Bavaria is too weak to attack the BVB again,”the 53-year-old made a clear judgment.

Kohler: Only in this way can Bavaria become dangerous to the BVB

FC Bavaria has simply missed the time for a change, Kohler is convinced. Only with “real reinforcements” in winter could the record master possibly become dangerous to the BVB again. Kohler believes that the failures in personnel planning can be “difficult to correct in January,” says Kohler.

On the other hand, Dortmund did everything right in the eyes of the former national player in the summer 2018. According to Kohler, Sports Director Michael Zorc paid the highest price for the successful development of the fall champion.” Axel Witsel and Thomas Delaney were key to stabilizing the team. Abdou Diallo’s commitment was also a wise move, along with Paco Alcazar’s incredible quota,”Kohler of the Dortmund performers fancied.

Kohler: BVB threatens a”huge problem”

Kohler still sees some question marks and risks with the Black Yellow. After the winter break the pressure on the BVB grows. No one knows how this young team will deal with it and how consolidated it is,”warned the former defensive player.

“Can Reus also fulfill his leadership role on track when there is a difficult phase? How does the strain in the Champions League work? Are there any injuries?” the 53-year-old named possible stumbling blocks for the Dortmund. Another risk: a longer breakdown of Witsel, Reus or Alcazar. This would be a huge problem, according to Kohler.