Kohler remembers: “Van Basten better than Lewandowski”

The duels of the German national football team with the selection of the Netherlands are legendary. Particularly the matches at the end of the eighties and early nineties, when the two teams were considered the non-plusultra of the continent, The most outstanding duels in the games between the DFB-Elf and the Elftal were fought by Germany’s Manndecker Jurgen Kohler and the Dutch star-stormer Marco van Basten.

The now 56-year-old van Basten was considered one of the best attackers of his time and is also 30 years after his strongest achievements in the field at Dauerrivale Kohler still unforgettable.

In conversation with the “kicker” draws the long defensive course, which became both FC Bavaria Munich (1990) and Borussia Dortmund (1996 and 2002) German master, a prominent comparison.

“He was extremely deadly, made very good movements and was relatively fast despite his size. A complete stormer with a great finish, once again a tick better than Robert Lewandowski,”Kohler said to the magazine.

The contests between Kohler and van Basten were also considered absolute highlights in the Italian series A, where the two were giggling for several years at the same time. Duels that Kohler mostly emerged from as winners.

“It was a healthy rivalry at eye level, we respected each other. Marco knew there’d be a tough guy, but he didn’t play fair. I have learned to read it well over the years, an d I often knew which rooms he goes into and how he tries to get past one,”recalled the World Champion of 1990.

Kohler’s”favorite opponent”van Basten played from 1981 to 1987 at Ajax Amsterdam and then switched to AC Milan, where he played six years later completed his active career at the age of only 28. In 280 league games for the two clubs he scored 218 goals.