Korea coach: bankruptcy against DHB " was hard for us"

Sports policy top, sports a flop: IOC President Thomas Bach praised the historic performance of the United Korea at the Handball World Cup as a great success, but beyond that there was nothing to celebrate for the joint team of separate countries.

“It was hard for us”, renowned coach Cho Young Shin after the marked 19:30-defeat in the World Cup opening game against host Germany.” Twelve South Korean players and four North Korean players had to form Cho into a team within a matter of weeks.” It was not easy to prepare for the game,”the coach admitted.”It was not easy to prepare for the game.” But I am pleased that the team has presented itself as a unit.”

Gatekeeper Park Jaeyong emerged from the joint force, which prevented an even greater defeat with numerous shining parades.” We could have easily scored 40 goals. But he was strong,”praised German cyclist Hendrik Pekeler. However, this did not change the overall impression. With all due respect to Korea, who did well, they were not our collar size,”said Torwart Andreas Wolff.

This was also clear to the Asians, who are second-class internationally. Participation in external action is therefore considered to be of more political importance, even if this does not play much of a role internally.” The united team has focused only on sport. It has nothing to do with politics,”said Coach Cho.

Thomas Bach, of course.”Of course, it has something different to do with politics.” Sport cannot make politics, but it can build bridges and open doors,”said the President of the International Olympic Committee. In the case of Korea this seems to have succeeded, After the joint incursion of both teams at the Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang, for the first time in the previous year there was a meeting between South Korea’s President Moon Jae In and North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong Un.

The IOC will therefore continue its efforts in the Causa Korea. They want to symbolically accompany the process of rapprochement and set signs.” We will also continue to work on this issue,”said Bach.”We will continue to work on it.” The sport can show that people often come together faster than politics.”Korea’s handballers are a paradigm for this. I fired them all as captains,”said Jung Suyoung,”whether they come from North or South Korea.”

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