Kovac demands “seriousness” against Paderborn

On Saturday afternoon (15:30 o’clock), FC Bayern Munich is waiting in the Bundesliga for the international game at SC Paderborn. Coach Niko Kovac warned his stars about the duel with the outsider.

“I demand absolute seriousness. We will drive there with respect and must give 100 percent. We want to perform and win in Paderborn,”said the 47-year-old emphatically on Thursday.

To the heavy task on Tuesday in the Champions League at Tottenham Hotspur and the following league match against TSG Hoffenheim on 5. In October, therefore, Kovac does not want to take personal consideration.

“Before we take the second or third step, we must first take the first step. We don’t think about Tottenham or Hoffenheim,”he said. He added, “if things are going well in Paderborn”.

The goal of the Bavarians in the English week is, Kovac continues, “that we hold the minimum in the league, maybe climb, and be successful in the Champions League, In Paderborn, Kovac is able to use David Alaba again. “In Paderborn, Kovac is able to use David Alaba again. David was training. It looks good,”said the coach. The Austrian had missed due to a muscle-fiber rupture.

Kovac National Player Leon Goretzka, on the other hand, expects to return after his thigh-surgery only after the country game break.” He just had his wires pulled. He will now begin with his program.”

Storm Talent Jann-Fiete Arp will also fail. The 19-year-old broke his leg in training and is operated on. FC Bavaria’s PK has accompanied the live blog:

++ That was the PK +++

The PK is finished. Kovac says goodbye to the journalists smiling and leaves the press room.

+++ Kovac over Goretzka +++

“I personally believe that he is not fully operational until after the country break.”

++++ Kovac over rotation +++

“We play on Saturday and then again on Tuesday. Those who can win against Paderborn will play. We’ll see what happens on Tuesday. If things are going well in Paderborn, you can also think about changes during the game.”

+++ Kovac about the defensive ++

“Football is a collective sport. That goes for the defense too. If you work against the ball, you have to act compact. You have to know what you want. If we all stick together, we’re hard to overcome. This is also our approach: not only shoot goals, but also play to zero. The last games have shown a good development in this regard.”

+++ Kovac over Paderborn ++

“It is a team that plays in 4-2-2. A lot of teams are doing that. The team wants to play football, they want to work out with combinations in the back. With a system like this, counterpressure is always an issue. We must find the gaps and exploit the errors. Against the 1st. FC Cologne we found these gaps. This time we just need to move faster to the second goal.”

+++ Kovac over the team morale +++

“We make team building playful, now also on the lawn. We work together, but we can also be friends. When you have a friendship, you help yourself in the square and next to it. This can be the decisive difference. We have a good mix and everyone learns something about it and expands their horizons.”

+++ Kovac via Arp +++

“Even when he was introduced I said he needed time. The competition here is much greater. Playing here is hard. We want to make it better every day. We don’t want to put too much pressure on him. You have to be patient. The boy is still so young. It will take a good development –here or elsewhere.

+++ Kovac about the new entries ++

“Coutinho, Perisic and Cuisance may take a while to get them right. But it is precisely the first two players that have evolved in recent weeks. We need to get more certainty in the next games as a whole that we will decide the games faster. We are on the right track.”

++ Kovac about the danger of a bubble +++

“I demand absolute seriousness. Every opponent always gives 100 percent against us. We can’t be in our heads at the next game. Now it’s Paderborn. We want to perform and achieve our goals. That’s enough motivation.”

++ Kovac about the wing players +++

“You can’t say that someone is set. We currently have three or four players on the wings who will play. Last time Serge Gnarby played, Kingsley Coman also played several players. He hasn’t had that in years. But I am pleased to see a development there. He makes gates and sets gates.”

++ Kovac about the mood +++

“We perceive in the inner circle that chemistry is true. Great new entrances have been added, which have also been well received. You can see when the guys off the square do something that’s made a friendship. This, of course, also depends on the results. We do not want to repeat what happened last year. The most important thing is the results, if they fit, the mood in the team is automatically good.”

++ Kovac about the mentality +++

“Each team brings mentality. You can’t always put that on that word. But there’s always a team on the other side. That is why I do not want to participate in the current discussion. We have respect for every opponent, but still want to win the game.”

+++ Kovac about the staff +++

“David Alaba has trained today, it looks good. We had hoped that he would make it sooner than expected. But we need to see how this plays out tomorrow. Leon Goretzka still needs it. He had the threads pulled so he could start the program again. Jann-Fiete Arp broke his leg in his hand during training.”

++ It’s time to start +++

In these minutes the press conference in Munich starts. Niko Kovac is on time and is already on stage.

+++ Muller or Coutinho? +++

The permanent theme of the Isar is currently about the position in the offensive middle field. In the last few weeks, Barca loan shark Philippe Coutinho had something on his nose. Is Kovac still relying on the Brazilian or is Thomas Muller allowed to calculate the chances of a bet?

++ What about the staff? +++

One of the most exciting questions in the FCB concerns the staff. While Leon Goretzka probably won’t be able to train with the team for another four weeks, David Alaba has moved on. The Austrian has been back in the square since Thursday. Can he hope for a bet against Paderborn or is the game coming too soon?

++ Hello and welcome +++

Last weekend FC Bavaria defeated 1st. FC Cologne sovereign with 4:0. A week later, the next ascender from the 2nd is waiting. Bundesliga! Against Paderborn, the Munich people are once again the clear favorite. If the Bavarians were to fall in love with the East-West, that would be no less than a sensation. How does Kovac intend to prevent such a scenario?