Lauda and Marko disagree over hiding offerings

Did Mercedes and Red Bull’s super talent Max Verstappen flirt seriously last summer or not? There are different views about possible contract negotiations between the Silver Arrows and the Dutchman before its extension in Milton Keynes.

At ServusTV”Mercedes’team supervisor Niki Lauda explains:”We never made him an offer.”Red Bull adviser Helmut Marko does not believe in this version and raunt: “Now, officially.”

Fact is: Father and Manager Jos Verstappen was seen several times in the Mercedes Motorhome. As sports director Toto Wolff, the former Formula One driver maintains a good relationship and was a few years ago about to lodge his Filius with him. Lauda thinks the rumors are out of the air and points to Marko: “I also go to his motor home every time.” If the competitors had only had coffee, Red Bull may have come at a price.

Marko about the conversations with Hidden

Lauda is convinced, that apparent Mercedes and Ferrari advances would have prompted Marko to extend the contract of understanding for many surprisingly to 2020- at a high price.” If he gets his stubbornness and thinks that something would be taken from him, he makes a deal,”Lauda says to the compatriot:”I tell you today: if we had talked about it, you would have saved some money. We never talked to him about money.”

The statement, in turn, leaves room for interpretation that Mercedes would have discussed a commitment in principle with the understanding, but would not have discussed financial details. Marko portrays the situation in such a way that he would have convinced the 20-year-old with sporting arguments and not with the dirty mammon: “We have explained to him what our plans for the future look like. We have guaranteed him that we will all be top men by 2020 under contract and that we will have an alternative in the motor sector (Honda; Amen. d. Red.) have. All this has convinced him.”

Does Hamilton make the right money from 2019?

Marko is tired of the discussion about the understanding deal:”Let’s leave it at t hat: no offer”, he wavers and counters Lauda:”Thank you for helping us save money. We’re not helping you because with Hamilton, you have no alternative. Now you have to pay him what he wants,”Marko notes. In plain language: Because Verstappen has been extended at Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari and Fernando Alonso Persona is non grata, only the British remains a possible superstar in the silver arrow. So Hamilton cashes in a new contract from 2019 and bleeds out his bosses?

Marko is satisfied with his payroll lists: “Of course he took advantage of the situation and negotiated a raise,” he says about hiding, but describes the Youngster as a still inexpensive option: “He is by far not in the league of a Hamilton or a Vettel. If he wins World Championships, he can ascend to these regions.”Currently, Red Bull has highly performance-dependent contracts with relatively low basic salaries.