Leclerc with battle announcement to Sebastian Vettel

A clear announcement to Sebastian Vettel: Ferrari re-entry Charles Leclerc does not think at all that in the coming Formula One season at Scuderia he could possibly only be number two on the team

It is the same in every team: At the beginning of the season there are two drivers, who have the same status. Only from a certain point does there appear to be a team killer, because one driver plays a role in the World Cup and the other does not,”said Monegasse before the Singapore Grand Prix.

Leclerc does not think that he could get a helper status from those responsible from the beginning. I think they’ll let us go free at the beginning of the season,”said 20-year-olds, taking over the cockpit of Kimi Riding Kings, In return for Leclerc’s current team of cleaners.

Vettel “has always been very nice to me”

The Shooting Star of the current season is not afraid of human problems when working with Sebastian Vettel.” He was always very nice to me. Every time I tested for Ferrari in the simulator, he sent me a message. That was great. Working with him will certainly be even better,”says Leclerc, who says,”I can certainly learn a lot from him.”

Concrete goals the Ferrari-own-growth has not set itself for its first season at Scuderia.” That’s hard to say. I’ll just try to get the best out of the car. This year Ferrari has a car to win the title. If this is the case next year, only the title can be the target.”