Loss prohibited: BVB fights for trends

Loss prohibited: After the Champions League and the DFB Cup, Borussia Dortmund is in the league against the VfB Stuttgart under pressure –it threatens to lose the table leadership.

Lucien Favre was not tempted. No matter what the journalists asked, the coach of Borussia Dortmund remained stoically calm. Everything was fine, Favre said, and he did not want to know about a crisis.” We create enough gate chances to win”, the coach said and concluded: “We only have to stop the individual mistakes.”

That the BVB has almost completely lost its once comfortable lead in the Bundesliga football league on the tracker Bavaria Munich and against the VfB Stuttgart on Saturday (15:30 o’clock in the (LIVE-Ticker) the loss of the table leadership threatens, Favre did not want to comment further.

The team had to “just keep working,” said the coach. He did not feel pressure anyway, mistakes happened at one time, and these had to be analyzed.

Manager Michael Zorc said that every team had a “phase” that “does not look so good in terms of results”. But he also demanded an end to this series.

“I expect that we will bring the intensity to the place, as we did on Tuesday evening,” Zorc said in view of the 0:1 against Tottenham Hotspur, which had sealed the off in the eighth finals of the Champions League: “This first half was very, Very good.”

Gambling lightness has disappeared

In this half-time the BVB had formally rolled over the English top club and missed numerous opportunities. The only flaw: It was at break 0:0 because Marco Reus and Co. simply did not meet- nevertheless the Tottenham game is supposed to serve as a mother-maker for the final track in the Bundesliga.

Now Coach Favre is required above all. The playful ease with which the BVB had dominated the rounds has been lost as well as the ice-cold exploitation of opportunities. In addition, the opponents seem to have adjusted to the way the game is played.

The technically strong BVB had at least several problems when the opponents were betting on full defensive and counter. Here the “strength” was lacking to assert itself, the goalkeeper Roman Borki had criticised.

Lucien Favre praises Stuttgart’s system

Against the VfB the Dortmund expects a similar patience game again –after all it is hard to imagine, that the downward-threatened swans will seek their salvation in the offensive.

“It seems that they have found their system. They are better than in the background”, analyzed Favre:”They have found an organization, defensive and offensive it works quite well.”

How the BVB will approach this game, Favre did not betray. He also did not want to be drawn away from the staff.” Two or three players are cold,”said the coach, without naming names,”to not give too much information”.