Ludwigshafen issues red lanterns

The owls Ludwigshafen have collected important points in the fight against the descent in the Handball Bundesliga.

In the duel of the ascenders, Ludwigshafen 32:28 (16:12) stood against the TV Huttenberg and jumped to the 16th rank in front of TuS N-Lubbecke (12:46). The owls thus also gave the red lantern to the guests from Huttenberg (12:48).

Meanwhile, the HSG Wetzlar did not exceed a 25:25 (12:12) in a close match at the HC Erlangen. With his hit 24 seconds before the players, Christoph Steinert assured the hosts of the undecided.

In the Ludwigshafener Friedrich-Ebert-Halle, David Schmidt was the most successful goalkeeper with nine goals. Ragnar Johannsson scored six goals for Huttenberg.

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