Maldonado scores fast return

Renault’s pastor Maldonado will definitely not sit in a Formula One cockpit this year. The Venezuelan manager explained this to Reuter’s news agency. A general return to the royal class would not be ruled out.

“At the moment I do not see any concrete possibility for this year,” concluded the Venezuelan manager, Nicolas Todt, a possible lightning comeback in the end of March. But we will try to come back in season 2017,”promised Todt. As for the dismissal of his protege, Todt did not wish to comment in detail: “I will not go into the details of the contract.” However, Maldonado and Renault had parted peacefully. They have behaved very fairly,”said the manager.

Although the Manor team still has two vacancies for the year 2016, Pastor Maldonado apparently has no interest in a second-class team position.”The Manor team still has two vacancies for the year 2016.” Manor is not an option. After five years with Williams and Lotus, with all due respect for Manor, it makes no sense to him,”said Todt.

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