“Manor takes stock: good, but not perfect”

With updates in the direction of Formula-1-Midfield, this ambitious goal was announced at Manor after the sensational win by Pascal Wehrlein at the Austrian Grand Prix in early July. Three races later, the small team returned to reality.

There was a double failure at the Silverstone home race and the sobering places 19 (Wehrlein) and 21 (Rio Haryanto) in Hungary. At his home game in Hockenheim last weekend, the German went to the 17th rank. However, the connection to teams such as Haas or Toro Rosso is far from being established.

With battle announcements for the next nine races after the summer break Manor is therefore held back. With small steps it should go further- the top goal is to keep the tenth place before clean in the designer’s World Cup. This ensures additional revenue from Bernie Ecclestone’s marketing pot. However, it is clear to those responsible that this will not be an easy task, since after the clean-up, the Swiss can now also expect updates. Wehrlein is cautiously optimistic: I think we can still rise.”

At the same time he limits himself to:”It depends, of course, on how much we put into the development for this season. At some point we have to concentrate entirely on the 2017er car.”Wehrlein says this point could soon be reached. The Mercedes junior pilot, on the other hand, is fully satisfied with the first half of his Formula One debut season. We learned a lot about the car. How we find the right setup, how we handle the tires…”At the same time he demands of himself and his team:”We are now more mature, but we must continue to learn a lot.”

Rio Haryanto is disadvantaged by the strategy

Style went up in the first months of Formula One season 2016 also the learning curve of team colleague Haryanto. Although the Indonesian is still without a score, especially in the qualifying games he fought against the high-powered defender but much better than expected: 5:7 it stands here after twelve races only from his point of view. I am very satisfied with that, I was really good in the qualifying,”says Haryanto, who is wormed out by some Grand Prix:”In the races we sometimes split the strategy and there I often had bad luck.”

He does not want to make a reproach to his team for that.” The strategy is always a difficult decision that the team has to make. They have a lot more information about the race than I do in the cockpit, and they not only see my fight against my teammates, but they race primarily against other teams. Sometimes it could have gone better, but I believe in it,”said the Indonesian, who, after a long start-up period in the GP2 series, was amazingly quick to correct himself in formula 1.

“I had to first understand how different formula 1 is from GP2. Overall, I’m happy with my season, although there are still some areas where I need to get better, of course.”He hopes especially for the high-speed spa and Monza, On which the Mercedes drive should help in the rear.

From the end to the middle field – Manor plans in the long term

Whether Haryanto will still be in the cockpit of the MRT05 is still highly questionable. Almost desperately, the 23-year-old and his supporters have to drive up to seven million euros during the summer break in order to secure his future as a Paydriver at Manor for the remaining nine seasonal races.

The small racing stable is therefore still under construction, which already shows first successes: Generally speaking, the team is better off than could have been expected after the departure of John Booth and Graeme Lowdon before the season. From August onwards, Thomas Mayer, a new manager of the company, joins Mercedes: the car for 2017 will develop Manor in the wind tunnel of the world champions in Brackley. We have shown that we are a serious participant,”racing director Dave Ryan reports. For a solid formula-1 future, the team location in Banbury will also be expanded soon.