Mass of Le Mans bored

Williams-Pilot Felipe Massa has no professional or private interest in the long-distance world championship. As the Brazilian says, from DTM to formula E to the Stock Car Championship of his home country, he would watch all motorcycle series on television. With one exception: I don’t watch the WEC very often. It’s no fun. At Le Mans I switch on, but it usually bores me”, says Massa about the 24-hour classic.

Nevertheless: Whoever wins at the Sarthe, the Formula One routine at the end wants to know. After a while I start something else, but in the meantime I keep looking at it. In principle, I prefer a different kind of race,”Massa outputs himself as a fan of a sprint format. Accordingly, according to his own statement, he never negotiated a change to the WEC –even as his end of a matter decided in the royal class last winter.

Rather he would have changed to formula E, Massa says in retrospect. His old and new job at Williams is and remains his favorite: “I fully support what I do, and that is formula 1. As a professional you have to plan such things properly.” Accordingly, there is no master plan for the career after the career. Also no start at Indy 500.

This could be due to wife Raffaela, who caught her husband in front of the TV when he led to the complete IndyCar test of his former teammate Fernando Alonso.” My wife came straight up and said, “You’re not gonna tell me you’re gonna do the same thing next year!” Massa’s laughing. At least for now the wife can be calm: “People always say:’Do not drive in the Oval.’I am not afraid, but never thought about it.”