Mbappe with PSG ready for the next big step

Kylian Mbappe laughed at the relaxed warm-up program of the Paris Saint-Germain star ensemble.

Five days after his goal gala in the quarterfinals at FC Bavaria, he was the world football champion who wore a hat on Monday morning in the sunny-cool Paris, on the fine training track already see the anticipation of a quick reunion with the Munich. The 22-year-old warned against the backlash on Tuesday (21:00 o’clock), the second of the 2020 Final Revance. Mbappa, with gloves, applauded the president, Nasser Al-Khelai, who was protected with mouth-to-nose protection, almost eight months after Lisbon’s lost final game. When Neymar, Mbappe and Co. repeatedly despaired of new ones, PSG seems ripe for the next big step. First of all, the Munich double bodyguard, who already met Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona four times in the eighth finals.

“”We have failed in various phases””, Mbappe recalled recently in an interview with the station “”RMCSport”.””RMCSport”> Although for many the World Cup is the Holy Grail, For me, the Champions League is the Nonplusultra.”” After the very effective 3:2 in the example, the chances for PSG are shining for the semi-final.

Mbappe already with 25 goals in the Champions League

After the Messi and Barca finish against the PSG ensemble for the outstanding Mbappe and the K.o. by Cristiano Ronaldo with Juventus Turin against Porto could also move into the pole position in the fight for the World Football title. Against the Bavarians, where Robert Lewandowski, the world’s best-known, works at the Comeback after knee injury, he can clear the way for the coveted award. That should not be the focus in the coming weeks. It was supposed to be about getting as far as possible in the Champions League,”waved Mbappe.

In the eighth finals he shorted to the youngest player of the Eliteliga with 25 goals. In the example against Bavaria, two more hits were added for the man of the evening, and this against New. I love to play against the best players in the world, and Manuel Neuer is one of the best goalkeepers of history,”said Mbappe after the example.

In this, the guests performed very efficiently, unlike in August in Lisbon. I didn’t make it to the finals against him, but I hope I can make it again.”This new guy will also be an opponent again in the summer, When the French superstar comes back to Munich with the team Tricolore and meets Germany for the start of the tournament.

Matthew sees Mbappe at Real Madrid

But that is still far away. First, for Mbappe PSG counts. The question is, how much longer? If Paris still stands out against Bavaria, speculation about the future of the superstar is likely to continue to gain momentum. This also applies to Neymar, who, as the most expensive player to date, could soon be replaced by Mbappe with a replacement sum of 222 million euros. 250 million euros are pure substitutes for a mega-business in conversation.

He is repeatedly questioned about the future, said Mbappe after the victory in Munich. “”What are you talking about? His contract with PSG expires after four years on the 30th of June 2022. Real Madrid, trained by the French football icon Zinedine Zidane, is considered a favorite. But the trail also led to the Premier League. For me, Mbapp e is a player for Real Madrid,”said former world footballer and today’s”Sky”expert Lothar Matthews,”he wants to become a world footballer, there is no club other than real. As new Ronaldo.”