McLaren after a strong Friday careful with forecasts

McLaren was able to park in Baku on Friday with both cars in the top ten and keep the rest of the middle field, with the exception of Toro Rosso, at a distance. However, Carlos Sainz was not happy: I do not think we can draw any conclusions from this session because I was not very happy with the car.”

The Spaniard complained about problems in heating the tires and assumed that some pilots were driving their rounds at the beginning of the training, when it was still very dirty. We finished them when the track was cleaner. This does not really allow conclusions, we could be Sixth/Seventh or 16th.”

With a time of 1:44.183 minutes Sainz became Seventh. For him, however, it did not feel at all fast: “I was somewhat surprised to see the lap time, because frankly, in the car it felt quite stressful not being able to warm up the rear tyres, in almost every brake zone, “I prefer to judge myself by the feeling rather than by the lap time.”

Norris with more optimism

“I prefer to judge myself by the feeling. At the moment, the feeling is not there yet, and we have a lot of work to do,”says Sainz. Because there are still many question marks: “I am not so sure about P7, not sure about the maximum speed, about many things.”

Sainz’s teammate Lando Norris, who ended Friday in square ten, showed a little more optimistic. On the second McLaren he was only missing 0057 seconds.” In view of the lost time, we set the right priorities, so it was a positive day altogether,”says the rookie, who must first become friends with Baku.

Car”feels good”

Norris explains:”I was here before, But it is quite different with a formula-1 car than in formula 2. It was very difficult with the track conditions, very dusty, the wind influences these cars very strongly. A line like this is not very nice if you have a sudden gust of wind or the wind changes suddenly.”

Three times the young Brit had to go straight in curve 3, but could avoid worse. He was satisfied with his car: “It felt good to be honest. Like Sainz, however, Norris also had problems bringing the tyres up to temperature quickly.

“We did not drive our fastest lap in the first round, but did not make it to the third or fourth round,” Norris knows. “We did not drive our fastest lap in the first round, but we did not make it to the third or fourth round.” For the qualifying it will probably be very interesting if we do not make it in the first round and we cannot get the tyres to temperature as we want them to.” This has taught him the experience of China.” And then I said, “Yeah, it doesn’t look so bad.” And then it was pretty bad. I don’t want that to happen again. It will certainly be narrow in the middle field, especially since I believe that not everyone has made their times as late as we have.”