Media: Eintracht Frankfurt thinks about Trapp loan

Football Bundesliga Eintracht Frankfurt seems to be thinking about a surprising recovery. Due to the injury claims for goalkeeper Frederik Ronnnow, an obligation of ex-Keeper Kevin Trapp of Paris Saint-Germain is in the room.

Trapp is a possible replacement for the planned head of the tribe Frederik Ronnow, the “Wiesbaden courier” reports. The Swede has been hit by a knee irritation.

“I hope we get Frederik back in shape soon. If not, we need to think about it,”Coach Adi warned Hutters about potential gate-keeper problems. It’s unclear exactly how long Ronnov will last. The medical department does not want to rush anything, the newspaper reports.

According to the courier’s information, only a rental business with Trapp and his association PSG should be an option. A purchase by the Saarland would probably not be affordable. However, contact or even negotiations between Frankfurt and Paris have not yet taken place.

The first replacement for the defeated Ronnow is currently Felix Wiedwald, whom Frankfurt brought back from Leeds United this summer. Wiedwald was already under contract from 2013 to 2015 in Frankfurt. At the time, he was a substitute for Trapp, who played for Eintracht Frankfurt from 2012 to 2015.

Three years ago, Trapp moved to Paris, where, however, he mostly sat on the bench last season and had to let Alphonse Areola perform. With Gianluigi Buffon’s commitment to the new season, all chances of a Trapps Tribal Placement at PSG will now be completely lost.