Media: Muller asks FC Bayern for permission

Thomas Muller’s situation at FC Bavaria is complicated at best. With the arrival of Philippe Coutinho, the once untouchable became a banker. The frustration level of the 30-year-old is apparently so great that even a farewell from Munich is a topic.

According to “Image” information, Muller has already been looking in recent days for a conversation with several leading players of FC Bavaria to express his frustration with the Reservist role. Sport Bild”even wants to know that the former national player Munich wants to turn his back already in winter. Muller has therefore demanded his release. The topic is to be “hot” during the national game break.

For good reasons: In the Bundesliga the own plant has been waiting for a start-up start since the fourth day of the game, in the Champions League he stood neither against Belgrade nor against Tottenham with a start in the place. Only in the DFB Cup against Energy Cottbus did the former national player smell more than 90 minutes.

But that is not enough: Recently Bavarian coach Niko Kovac announced, “if need be, he will surely get his minutes” and stepped into the grease pot with it. The role as a supposed notary nail should not be enjoyed by the highly decorated Ur-Bavarian. According to “Sport Bild” Muller lacks not only the minutes on the lawn but also the appreciation of his hay and yard club.

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Whether the FC would let Bayern Muller go is on a different page. The Routinier is not only contractually still tied to the record master until 2021, but has also been one of the faces of the club for many years, is vice-captain and part of the team council.

Sportally the “space computer” may be dispensable at the moment, but from a marketing point of view a departure would be a severe loss. And the image of the Munich people would certainly not get away unscathed in the event of a miller’s departure.