Mercedes engines for Red Bull an interesting option

A few weeks ago it was still a rumor, now it becomes concrete: Mercedes openly talks about equipping competitor Red Bull with engines in the coming season.” When I think in my role as Mercedes Motorsport boss about what is best in the interest of formula 1, that would be an interesting option,”said the Austrian to the’Gazzetta dello Sport’.

In addition to the greater tension effect that would accompany this deal, Wolff sees a further advantage in cooperation with Red Bull.” We would then have a connection to a winning brand that is particularly popular among young people,”said the 43-year-old, whose team already has Williams, Lotus and Force India equipped with drive units.

While these races do not yet have the know-how and capacity, In order to permanently confront Mercedes in the World Cup fight, this looks different with the’cops’. With Sebastian Vettel, the racing stable from 2010 to 2013 has not only presented the World Champion four times, but has also celebrated the Construction World Championship.

Wolff is also aware of his role as team leader of the silver arrows: “From the point of view it would not be ideal, If we were to strengthen one of our main competitors who knows how to build good cars.”

Ecclestone: Renault must remain

Currently, Red Bull is still supplied by Renault with engines. Although cooperation does not end until after the 2016 season, both parties have been talking about divorce for months. The Milton Keynes racing stables hold the French responsible for the disappointing season so far, Renault of course blames itself.

It is virtually impossible to continue the engagement, but it is still unclear what the future of Renault looks like. A takeover of the highly indebted Lotus team or the return as your own racing stable is just as much in the conversation as a farewell from the royal class, which Bernie Ecclestone wants to prevent.” I would like them to take Lotus or start a new racing stable,”said the F1 boss to the specialist portal’’:”I do not want to lose them, they have been part of it for so long.”

Renault has not only served as a motor supplier for Red Bull, but also as a team of workshops has had great success. Fernando Alonso brought 2005 and 2006 both the drivers and the manufacturers WM.

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