Mercedes Sports Manager rejects PS accusations

Mercedes Sports Manager Toto Wolff has the suspicion that the silver arrows would not provide their Williams and Force India customer teams with the same V6 hybrid drives and software as their workforce, but that the silver arrows would not provide the same V6 hybrid drives, strongly rejected.

In a conversation with”he assures that he has always played fair and says about the rule-keeper’s letter:”For us, therefore, it has no relevance at all,”says Wolff.

Also the modes that can be chosen with the engines, for example, releasing the additional PS would be identical, although, following an overtaking manoeuvre by Valtteri Bottas’on the finish line in the context of the Azerbaijani Grand Prix last year, other speculations had arisen.” There was never a difference,”says Wolff, and thinks about the customers. This would be advantageous for the overall project.

Wolff’s reasoning: If a drive is not tested in two but in six bolts, weaknesses can be identified more quickly and development can be better driven. This was also true for the last fuel optimized with great effort, with which Mercedes partner Petronas Williams and Force India also supplies: “The same philosophy applies here,” explains Wolff.

The FIA had asked the Formula One engine manufacturers Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault in January in a directive, to implement a valid regulatory pass that requires engine manufacturers to supply their own teams and customers with identical material (including petrol and oil). Then Red Bull team leader Christian Horner Mercedes is the trigger by referring to Claire Williams as a possible initiator in the case.