Mick Schumacher paints Boxing Panel

Mick Schumacher seemed happy, as he himself says, when he met German motor sports journalists at an online press conference on Saturday evening.

He was “very satisfied with the day”, which was “much better than yesterday”. Also according to the figures: After only fifteen rounds on Friday (defect in the field of hydraulics/gears) he placed 88 rounds with the Haas VF-21 days after that.

Towards the end of the day the 21-year-old was then the main actor of a horror second when he came to the box for a tire change exercise, by green light, he got the free sign to go and took the cart-bearer with him.” I was scared because I didn’t know what was going on, whether I did something wrong or not,”Schumacher says.

“In the end it was a misunderstanding,”he adds, and team leader Gunner Steiner protects him:”Mick reacted very well. When the radio call came for him to stop, he stopped immediately. This did not cause any damage. I could say that was part of his training, because we’ve been through so many pit stops! But it wasn’t like that.”

The cause of the incident was a tilted wheel nut on the left front. The mechanic was not sure if the tyre would hold or not and raised his hand when the shoe maker was already shown the green light. He took the pickup truck. Luckily no one was injured.

Apart from that, Schumacher was pleased with the test day: “Generally a very positive day. I’m very happy,”he says. The longruns were “very good”, the tires, he says, held “better than those of formula 2”, which he feels as “very positive”, because: “We can push, we can attack what is very beautiful.”

Euphoria noticeable: Shoemaker burns on driving

Mick, Listed at his own request under the legendary abbreviation “MSC” of his father Michael, he seems almost kitschy happy when he says about his first real test experience as a Formula One pilot: “If it were up to me, I would drive every day. As many miles as possible. Because it is simply my passion –what I love.”

“Driving this car feels even better than expected. It’s really fun. I don’t get bored so fast,”the Formula Two Champion laughs. I’m looking forward to Sunday, and after that, the first weekend of the race can’t come soon enough. I’m looking forward to the season. From me we could also test for eight days and go directly to the first race!”

His Haas is “a beautiful car”, Schumacher says and adds: “This era is just great. The speed we take through the curves is really impressive. And all the tools you can change while driving are quite interesting.”

“I can communicate with the team and make the best decisions and thus gain performance. This is exciting and fun. Just working with this great team and doing what I love and combining that with my job, that’s actually just amazing. I am very happy to be here.”

How can I explain the two and a half seconds delay?

Less pleasant: Schumacher admits to having also been on qualifying rounds during the day. In the end, however, he was two and a half seconds behind Pierre Gasly (2.), who was not necessarily one of the closest WM favorites in the AlphaTauri. After all, on Saturday he was a tick faster than his teammate Nikita Mazepin.

Schumacher relativizes the delay. Most drivers had driven their best times “at the end” when it was dark and there was most performance. And five of the six best placed pilots spent their best time on the soft C5 of Pirelli, Schumacher his on the slightly tougher C4.

“The two and a half seconds don’t mean much,” Steiner wavers. “If we were two and a half seconds ahead, we would know much more! But we weren’t. We’ll have to wait. I say that every year when I’m testing, but I don’t know what the others are doing. At any rate, we have driven our times at a very different time than the others.”

Shoemaker specified: You have to look,”when did the others drive their rounds and with which tires”. He did not try the qualifying run much more than once carefully: “We didn’t really drive much yesterday, and for that it was nice to try out what it means to drive these soft tires.”

“I personally felt good,” he says, but: “In the end, we can only compare with the others when it is so far in Quali 1 in Bahrain, and not yet.” Many do not open their cards yet, run different test programs, he suspects. From this point of view one can rely on the rounds “not quite yet”.

Seating position must become even more “cozy”

Large construction sites on which he would have to work before his last test day, the young German does not see: “Of course we have some things here and there, But now it’s nothing from the car or from the driving technician. Just “little things” you have to refine, One important lesson Schumacher learned on Saturday is that driving behind another car is very different from using formula 2. If you are going after an opponent, you will immediately have a standing wheel, even if you brake ten metres earlier in a preventive manner. he says. You have to get used to it.”

And: Behind a Mercedes it is different from behind a Williams.” I’m just finishing up, when we had the Rolling Start test, driving behind the Mercedes to see what they were doing. That’s when I realized it was easier to follow him than, for example, with a Williams,”he explains.

“It’s interesting for me to try these things out,”Schumacher says. Means, “When I get a chance to go after someone, I usually take them and then try to just drive by someone else and see how it is in formula one. This has already brought me a lot of information and I’ve learned a lot from it.”